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Hi I'm Heather =] I have a huge obsession with Harry Potter! I love animals, and a have several pets. I take far to many pictures of my kids(pets). I'm a sucker for a cute or funny picture. Life is no fun if there is no laughter! I love women, and their beauty. I am an open book and will answer any question <3 My blog has no main theme. I am focused on a healthy and fit life!



This song makes me want to step on a thousand shirtless men while wearing high heels

The musical equivalent of red lipstick. 

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New haircut. Don&#8217;t mind the tired, no makeup face. #lesbian #nomakeup #redhair #blueeyes

New haircut. Don’t mind the tired, no makeup face. #lesbian #nomakeup #redhair #blueeyes

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{ mountain paths }

can I go here now

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the sound of raindrops and the smell of fir branches.

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Summer Trails from the West.

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Taking Hallow for a walk. #lesbian #neff #pnw #blueeyes

Taking Hallow for a walk. #lesbian #neff #pnw #blueeyes

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This little girl has my heart! #niece #mynieceiscuterthenyours #babygirl #babies #love

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